A Day Out in John V. Lindsay East River Park

Situated along the waterfront of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, John V. Lindsay East River Park (East River Park for short) is a wonderful place for rest and play — especially at this time of year. What’s more, the East Village apartments for rent at EVGB are only about 20 minutes away from the park and its innumerable activities. Here’s how to make the most of it this summer.

Get Active!

Living near East River Park is like having your own outdoor sports center on your doorstep. Slip into your running shoes and go for a morning jog along the waterfront pathways. Flex your muscles on the free-to-use gym equipment. Challenge a friend to a match at the tennis complex. Gather together a group of your EVGB neighbors and play soccer or baseball games on the well-maintained fields. Or, just head down to the park with a basketball, and hone your hoop-shooting prowess. 

Take Everyone Along!

Younger EVGB residents will adore the park, too. In addition to its glut of sports equipment, there’s a playground where they can blow off steam, plus spray showers that switch on in the hotter months and are guaranteed to keep them entertained, cool, and comfortable for ages! A scenic bike path runs through the park for 1.5 miles — it’s the ideal safe space to let kids loose on two wheels!

Eat Al Fresco

The time is right for eating outdoors, so pack a picnic (featuring some sandwiches from nearby Tompkins Square Bagels) and head to the park for a weekend feast. You’d rather get your grill on? The park has designated barbecue areas; pick up some sausage to sizzle from the renowned East Village Meat Market, and you’ll soon be enjoying the best hot dogs in town.

Contemplate the Views

Of course, you needn’t do anything at all while visiting East River Park, except admire the breathtaking views of the East River, and, in particular, the iconic Williamsburg Bridge. It’s ideal for quiet moments of relaxation and contemplation. And if you’d like something to accompany all that contemplating, why not grab a rod and reel? From the shores of East River Park, you can fish for striped bass, flounder, and black sea bass. It’s a taste of country living, right here in the East Village!

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