“At Home” Exhibitions at the Merchant’s House Museum

One of the pleasures of living in New York is being able to immerse yourself in the endless stream of the city’s cultural life: art, music, fine dining, and much more. Residents of the NYC rentals of EVGB are near the best of the East Village, from Tompkins Square Park to Michelin-star-rated restaurants to the Merchant’s House Museum contained in one of the first landmarked buildings in Manhattan. This Greek Revival structure, built in 1832, is a perfectly preserved piece of the city’s history and architecture. The museum hosts exhibitions, lectures, and other events that explore life in New York City over the past century and a half.

While patrons can visit the Merchant’s House Museum, with limited occupancy and other safety protocols in place, virtual programming is available via “At Home” exhibitions. Current online exhibits include “The Index of American Design,” the title of which refers to a New Deal-era project that documented America’s design history. This exhibition features furniture, dresses, clothing accessories, and watercolor illustrations of artifacts from the Merchant’s House Museum collection. The complete IAD collection, which includes more than 18,000 illustrations and design objects from the colonial period up to the 20th century, is housed in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

Virtual visitors can also peruse the collections from “Sylvia: A 19th Century Life Unveiled.” This exhibition features the personal keepsakes of a 19th century woman, Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander. Her belongings were found in an unassuming leather trunk discovered in 2002 on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Visual artist Stacy Renee Morrison has reconstructed Sylvia’s life through objects in the trunk, allowing us to see and appreciate her while gaining some understanding of her world from our 21st century perspective.

For a closer look at the long-term residents of the Merchant’s House, the Tredwell family (who lived there for nearly 100 years), two virtual exhibits, “Our Stuff, Ourselves” and “Behind Closed Doors & Drawers,” explore their history and legacy. The Tredwell Collection containing nearly 4,500 pieces, including furniture and household items provides a window into the daily life of a prosperous 19th century New York family and offers a glimpse of their elegant tastes.

Residents of the East Village apartments at EVGB have the opportunity to delve into the history of their neighborhood and the story of New York in the 19th century. And they can do it all from the comfort of their own modern, quintessentially New York homes.

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