Be an Accessory Queen This Season

A stunning outfit is only halfway to true glamour. To look wholly spectacular, one must accessorize. Purveyors of fine necklaces, rings, earrings, and brooches stud the East Village like sparkling diamonds in a tiara. Here, we take a look at the jewels in the crown. Prepare to be dazzled.


Lori McLean | 320 East 11th Street

Self-taught jeweler and metalsmith Lori McLean has one foot firmly planted in the past, and the other stepping boldly into the future. Inspired by everything from the Georgian era, to the Art Deco movement, to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, McLean’s jewelry references great art and fashion through the centuries, yet shimmers with its own contemporary vim. Whether you choose the diamond comet earrings, the onyx marquise trio necklace or (whisper it) the deco transitional diamond ring, this jewelry isn’t just meant to be worn by you, but by your children, and your children’s children, too.

VERAMEAT | 315 East Ninth Street

Like accessories with a decided edge? Look no further than VERAMEAT — a gutsy emporium brimming with naughty delights that veritably glimmer with attitude. The poison snake choker will be a talking point at any dinner party, as will the vampire bat earrings and the “fearless claws” bracelet. Every single piece is handcrafted in New York City, and has the seal of approval from Ukrainian-born artist Vera Balyura, aka VERAMEAT. Whoever said luxury had to play it safe?

Love Adorned | 269 Elizabeth Street

Anthony Lent’s highly detailed pieces, featuring stars and moons; Eva Noga’s nature-inspired tourmaline and diamond masterpieces; Page Sargisson’s ingenious use of recycled and refined gold and silver. All of these are part of the treasure trove of unique jewelry pieces at Love Adorned — a store in which you’re bound to discover your new favorite “wow” piece. From the ultra-sophisticated to the shamelessly playful, this place has it all. You’ll want to take it all home to your East Village apartment, too. Just remember: everything in moderation.

Anna Sheffield | 19 Bleecker Street

“Ceremonial, but not formal. Feminine, but unconventional. Contemporary, but timeless.” That’s the mantra of Anna Sheffield, the East Village boutique offering a plethora of engagement rings, bands, and other fine jewelry. Be dazzled by champagne diamonds and rose gold, by turquoise amulet bracelets and butterfly chrysalis bands. Anyone who purchases — or is treated to — a piece of jewelry at Anna Sheffield is guaranteed to feel like a princess or a queen. Particularly if they’re gifted with a one-of-a-kind piece, resulting from private designing sessions with Anna Sheffield herself.

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