Best Burgers in the East Village

For the residents of EVGB, living well isn’t just about apartments outfitted with Miele appliances, Porcelanosa tile, and hardwood floors — it’s about having access to some of the city’s most exciting culinary destinations. And when it comes to burgers, three local spots have earned their place in the pantheon of must-try meals.

7th Street Burger | 91 East Seventh Street

In the summer of 2021, a culinary insurgency took root on East Seventh Street. From the remnants of a modest arepa spot, 7th Street Burger burst onto the scene, a no-frills joint that stripped the burger down to its essence. The menu, as concise as a telegram from a man of few words, offered this winning trifecta: cheeseburgers, fries, and Mexican Coke. The burgers, a masterclass in the art of the smash, rendered the city’s burger aristocracy irrelevant with their brazen greasiness and flavor that could make a Michelin-starred chef take notice. The buns, charmingly disheveled, only added to the allure. New Yorkers willingly queued up for a taste of this East Village revelation, unaware that this was merely the opening salvo in a burger revolution that would soon engulf Manhattan.

Superiority Burger | 119 Avenue A

Stepping into Superiority Burger’s new Avenue A location is like entering a time capsule of East Village nostalgia, lovingly curated by chef Brooks Headley. The former home of Odessa Restaurant has been transformed into a vegetarian wonderland, where the ghosts of Ukrainian stuffed cabbages and Greek spanakopitas have been reincarnated as mushroom-and-rice-filled rolls draped in tomato sauce and collard green sandwiches on sesame focaccia. But the true star of the show is Headley’s signature burger, a masterclass in culinary alchemy that turns humble ingredients like chickpeas, quinoa, and walnuts into a patty that puts its meaty counterparts to shame. The burger is topped with slow-roasted tomatoes that add a burst of flavor, graced with a generous floe of Muenster cheese, and served on a perfectly griddled bun. And with desserts by pastry chefs Darcy Spence and Katie Toles, such as the passion-fruit-laden Pearl Pie and the salty malted date shake, sweets are as much a draw as the savory offerings, making Superiority Burger a must for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Le Burger | 540 East Fifth Street

Le Burger, a casual yet charming spot in Alphabet City, combines the best of American and French cuisine. The menu boasts a variety of signature burgers, each crafted with fresh, daily sourced ingredients. Favorites include the L’Bacon, a satisfying combination of beef, bacon, cheddar, and classic toppings, and the L’Champignon, featuring Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil. With friendly service, a laid-back atmosphere, and a selection of beers and wines, Le Burger embodies the spirit of the neighborhood while offering a memorable dining experience.

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