East Village: Hub of International Fare

Eclectic, vibrant, and international—the East Village has long been a melting pot of culture, ideas, and especially cuisine. Today, lucky residents of the East Village apartments of EVGB are close to many restaurants with a global bent. These eateries offer cuisine from around the world within a few blocks from home. So, whether you want to head out and experience the neighborhood’s buzzy restaurant scene or order delivery and eat in the well-appointed digs of EVGB, the options, as are the flavors and dishes, are seemingly endless.

Let’s take a look at some of the most diverse and arguably best restaurants that the East Village has to offer.

Yellow Rose | 102 3rd Avenue

Take a gastronomic journey just north of the southern border of the U.S., where the great cooking traditions of Mexico meet the Tejano and American cultures due north. Yellow Rose takes the excitement, ingredients, spices, and queso of Tex-Mex food and distills them in a tasty homage to the signature culinary heritage of Texas. Whether brunch, lunch, or dinner, leave any sense of pretense behind and roll up your sleeves as you lift a crispy tortilla chip and dig into a smokey bowl of avocado dip or queso fundido. The tacos here are a must-try, from the perfectly filled salsa verde chicken taco to the vegetarian-friendly papas rancheras, gently cooked in a zesty and acidic tomato sauce. Of course, whatever dish you choose is best paired with a lip-puckering margarita or a sweet sip of authentic Mexican Coke.

Soothr | 204 East 13th Street

If your only experience with Thai food is pad thai, be prepared to have your taste buds expanded at Soothr. Much more than a corner Thai restaurant, everything about this Michelin-reviewed restaurant is an exploration of elevated traditional Thai food. Served without fuss or pomp, Soothr’s noodle-focused dishes are the ultimate way to taste the coconut, lemongrass, and chili flavors in familiar yet inventive dishes. Crispy chicken, savory beef, and stewed seafood are served with light-as-air noodles that make guests return for more.

Veeray da Dhaba | 222 1st Avenue

If you’ve ever dug into a perfectly fired piece of vermillion tandoori chicken, you’ve indulged in delectable Punjabi food. Veerya da Dhaba offers diners home cooking from Southeast Asia that’s ideal for a convivial evening out or a comforting meal on the roof of EVGB with a hearty takeout saag paneer or chicken korma that’s permeated with saffron. Remember to try one of Veeray’s traditional Punjabi desserts too.

No matter what your tastes are, living in the East Village luxury rentals at EVGB gives you endless options for dining and exploring international fare not far from home. To learn more about these ideally situated residences, contact the team at EVGB today.

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