Eating Clean in the East Village

If there is one diet trend taking over the streets, the internet, and our stomachs, it’s eating clean; a way of approaching food with an eye toward using the freshest, most uncontaminated ingredients possible. It’s actually a simple, elegant concept, but one that has also made a household name of the acai bowl and the turmeric latte. There’s a good reason for its popularity, though. Eating clean is a creative way to stay healthy and feel your best. It’s also the perfect way to jump-start your summer at the East Village luxury apartments at EVGB.

The East Village is a haven for clean eaters — a place where juice bars and health food stores abound. With Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s both close by, you can anchor your diet by stocking up on organic vegetables, spices, and legumes, so that a clean, delicious meal is always at your fingertips. In fact, the breadth of ingredients available at both stores will inspire your clean culinary imagination. (Look to cookbooks like Terry Walters’ “Eat Clean, Live Well” and blogs like Green Kitchen Stories to learn about new ingredients and flavor combinations that will become part of your regular rotation.) The aisles at Whole Foods are stocked with every imaginable iteration of the ingredients that come up again and again in clean-eating recipes, like Organic Valley Ghee, fresh turmeric root, and Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil. The vast plant-based milk options make it not only easy but a pleasure to go dairy-free with delicious options like Pacific organic almond milk and Milkadamia, made with nothing but buttery macadamia nuts.

Trader Joe’s is famous for its budget-conscious approach to grocery shopping. With everything in the store a part of the in-house brand, prices are lower and quality is higher. Get creative with an abundance of healthy products designed to save you a few steps in the kitchen, such as their vegan Green Goddess Salad Dressing and organic crumbled feta cheese.

One of the most popular trends of the clean-eating revolution is the smoothie — and the East Village is home to some of the best juice and smoothie bars in the city. Of Juicy Lucy, The Infatuation’s Marisa Dunn writes, “you’ll be happy with whatever you get,” and notes that the prices at this beloved juice bar are reasonable enough to keep you coming back as often as your craving for a mango-banana smoothie calls to you.

The “BQ” in BQ Juice stands for “beyond quality.” This is everywhere apparent on a menu that features over a dozen organic “boosts” you can add to any smoothie, including bee pollen, spirulina, and flaxseed oil. Work your way through their variety of supplements and flavors and before too long you should start to actually feel the energizing effects on your body. This is the kind of place where eating clean is not only delicious but an adventure with endless possibilities — much like life at the East Village rentals at EVGB.

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