For a Rainy Day: Books and Wine

With so much to do in and around the East Village apartments of EVGB, it’s rare to have some time to yourself to catch up on that book you’ve been planning to read since last year. Bibliophiles know that every now and then, you simply have to cancel plans and have a night in with a good read and a good glass of wine. Whether you have a penchant for poetry or are a fiction fanatic, EVGB offers plenty of space for you to curl up on a rainy day.

For the more social bookworms, there’s even a bar close by that creates the ambiance of a cozy library in the country that just happens to be a lively yet low-key spot in the most exciting part of NYC. Take a walk down East 3rd Street and pop into the Book Club Bar.

Self-proclaimed as “the East Village’s booziest bookstore,” this charming shop-and-bar is a literature lover’s paradise with everything you need to immerse yourself in a world of words—and wine.

Spend a few hours perusing the eclectic shelves packed with everything from tomes from Shakespeare to today’s bestsellers. But why not try some books written about the East Village itself?

For a striking perspective on the East Village’s history, try Lush Life by Richard Price or get a heady dose of what it was really like to be two of the foremost artists of the East Village music and art scene with legendary rocker Patti Smith’s heartfelt memoir Just Kids. Ten Thousand Saints is a must-read for a fast-paced take on the neighborhood in the 1980s.

After you select what you’re going to read, take a seat in one of the shop’s sumptuous leather chairs or cozy up to the bar. Here, you can enjoy a rich cold brew made with MUD Roasters coffee in the morning, a bard-worthy pint of local beer, or a glass of wine in the evening.

While reading is typically a solitary endeavor, the Book Club Bar’s convivial atmosphere makes it easy to strike up a conversation with like-minded readers and get a recommendation for your next book. There are also frequent events like literary trivia night, a book club anyone can join, author readings, and a drinking and drawing class created by a Berlin-based tattoo artist.

Are you a writer yourself? Work on your own great American novel with one of the Book Club Bar’s creative writing classes; plus, laptops are allowed until 7 pm every day. Then you can present your work at one of the frequent literary salons.

No matter how you take advantage of this nearby bookstore, you can visit at almost any time. It’s open from 8 am to midnight and just minutes from EVGB.

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