Getting the Perfect Slice in the Neighborhood

EVGB: Navigating the Pizza Landmarks of the East Village

Living in the East Village means easy access to some of New York’s pizza gems — which means, of course, some of the world’s pizza gems. For residents of the East Village apartments for rent at EVGB, it’s not just about grabbing a slice, it’s about savoring a slice of history, especially with Lombardi’s just around the corner.

Lombardi’s | 32 Spring Street: A Century of Pizza

Nestled in Little Italy, Lombardi’s is more than a pizzeria — it’s a legacy. With its coal-fired oven, smoky crusts, and pure ingredients, you don’t just eat here, you experience. Born in 1905, America’s First Family of Pizza has a famous “Clam Pie” pizza you absolutely have to try.

East Village Pizza | 145 First Avenue: Classic NY Vibes

Want a single slice that speaks NYC? Head to East Village Pizza. From the sauce to the toppings, it’s spot on. Serving pizza at its First Avenue location for over 20 years, East Village Pizza serves some unique options, including their double-stacked pizza and cheesy garlic knots.

Motorino | 349 East 12th Street: When You’re in the Mood for Neapolitan

Motorino offers pizzas that have that perfect charred edge. Whether it’s a simple Margherita or their Brussels sprouts white variant, they’ve got you covered. Motorino also offers some great non-pizza options, like the octopus and potato salad and their roasted artichokes — they even offer “Dough to Go” so you can make your own pizza at home.

Lions & Tigers & Squares | 268 West 23rd Street: Echoing Detroit

Brainchild of the folks behind Artichoke Basille’s, Lions & Tigers & Squares brings Detroit-style pies to the East Village. Think square pies and a crisp crust that’s just the right kind of thick. Come try their sausage & onion, mustard, or vodka pizzas that are an ode to everything Detroit.

Two Boots | 42 Avenue A: A Fusion Adventure

Two Boots began in 1987 and has been a popular hot spot ever since. Their menu consists of various pies all named after well-known figures — some real, some fictional. The East Village location is known for its Luisaida pie. This chorizo and hot pickled pepper pizza was created to honor the great character actor Luis Guzmán.

Emmy Squared | 83 First Avenue: Detroit’s Spirit, Redefined

Another nod to Detroit’s famous pies, Emmy Squared doesn’t hold back. Just like its Detroit-style competitor mentioned above, Emmy Squared was introduced in 2018. Besides incredible pizza, Emmy offers one of the best burgers in all of NYC, the Le Big Matt Burger.

The East Village isn’t just a great place to live — it’s a pizza playground. Whether you’re after timeless classics or daring new flavors, you’ll find it here. And for EVGB residents, it’s all just a few minutes away. Dive into this hip and historic NYC neighborhood, and let your pizza journey begin.

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