Inside NYC’s First Dog-Friendly Cafe

When you’re living in NYC, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better friend than a dog. Whether they’re a collie or a chihuahua, these four-legged pals are always happy to see you, and they never cancel plans because of work. But even though your preferred pup is sure to be a lot of fun on a day out, you have to admit that it’s hard to find a place to stop for a while and share a treat. Thankfully, Boris & Horton, NYC’s first dog cafe, is here to take your order. Just steps from EVGB’s East Village luxury apartments for rent, this coffee shop will surely delight you and your canine companion with treats that will satisfy you both. 

Named after two very adorable pups, Boris & Horton was designed with dogs and their humans in mind. According to their website, owners are welcome to let their pets off-leash to enjoy their treats, which include favorites such as freeze-dried liver and salmon. 

If freeze-dried fish doesn’t sound appealing to your people palate, don’t worry: there’s plenty for you to enjoy as well. Think: mouthwatering pastries such as pull-apart monkey bread, delicious toasted Balthazar bread, and some superb grilled cheese sandwiches, which can come garnished with figs, pickled jalapenos, and more! 

While your pooch is sipping from a bowl, you can kick back and relax with something from the cafe’s creative drink menu. All their coffee comes from local Brooklyn-based Variety Coffee Roasters, and their specialty drinks pay homage to beloved canines such as The Lassie (a house-made lavender latte) and The Horton (a spicy mocha latte). Boris gets his very own custom-made coffee blend that you can enjoy with a double shot of espresso. 

The “Helpful House Rules” are posted in plain sight so you can be sure everyone will be on their best behavior while enjoying their treats. But there’s more to do here than eat and drink. This puppy paradise has developed into a community meeting place, with special events happening every month. They keep their calendar filled with comedy shows, pet portrait events, pup meetups, trivia nights, pop-up tastings from local favorite King David Tacos, and ice cream from The Pupper Cup. 

Boris & Horton is so sure you and your best furry pal will enjoy the experience that they even have a coffee membership and a treat subscription, so your doggie can have their favorite snacks even when they’re at home in their East Village rental. Whether you’re a dog owner or just a dog lover, make sure you swing by this favorite local spot, for people and pets alike, on your next neighborhood walk. 

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