Neighborhood Spotlight: Strand Bookstore

Bibliophiles in New York City know that the ultimate destination to get their literary fix is amid the “miles of books” at the storied Strand Bookstore, known as simply “the Strand” to New Yorkers. Just take a 10-minute walk from the East Village luxury rentals at EVGB, and you can be eyes-deep in one of more than two million titles waiting for you at this renowned and beloved independent shop. 

Whether you’re relaxing in Tompkins Square Park, sitting in a coffee shop, or cozying up in the East Village apartments of EVGB, it’s always nice to have a good book on hand. And the Strand is bound to have something to suit your literary tastes. Housing everything from a first-edition copy of Ulysses to the paperback version of Where the Crawdads Sing, the Strand carries new and used books of every genre and every subject. 

But when you shop here, you’re not just perusing through the history of the written word but standing in NYC history itself. According to the New York Times, the Strand, which Benjamin Bass opened in 1927, was initially located on Fourth Avenue in the book district of the city, known as “Book Row.”  As the times changed and rents increased, Bass’s son moved the store to 12th and Broadway, where the Strand stands today. Since then, the Strand has been a bastion for bibliophiles, an employer of early-career celebs like Patti Smith, and a filming location for movies like Julie & Julia.

For almost 100 years, generations of bookworms have made their way to this cathedral of literature to browse and fill their home libraries. Visitors have plenty to choose from; the Strand’s logo claims it has “18 miles of books.” 

It’s more than just tomes read quietly at home, though; the Strand has been a hub for book lovers, a place where they can get suggestions from the very well-read staff, chat with other visitors about their picks, and enjoy events that the store organizes. 

Almost weekly, you will find writers and literary luminaries, from up-and-comers to best-selling authors. Stop by for panels, talks, and readings from authors like Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful or White House photographer Peter Souza. Their lineup is as eclectic as the books they sell. If you’d rather spend the night in at EVGB, you can still join via video. 

The Strand isn’t just limited to books, either. As you wander around the massive three-and-a-half floors, you’ll find records, sheet music, gifts, and apparel. 

To truly experience the Strand, however, you must walk the endless shelves, smell that “book smell,” and buy one of those iconic “the Strand” tote bags to carry all those books and let others know you visited. 

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