New Year, New You

Now that we’re well into the new year, it’s time to reassess all those promises we made to ourselves at the end of December. Are we still being true to them? This is a good time to remind yourself of the exclusive fitness amenities offered to residents of EVGB — as well as all the opportunities for healthy living and wellness available in the surrounding East Village.

No Excuses

Start each morning with a trip to EVGB’s indoor saltwater lap pool. It offers all the health benefits of a dip in the sea, but in a decidedly warmer, calmer environment. Once you’ve had a chance to loosen up in the water, take to the state-of-the-art gym and fitness center, where you can work on the new you by doing everything from pumping iron to jogging a few miles on the treadmill. While other New Yorkers have to make do with sharing their workout spaces with the rest of the city, you have your own private spot at EVGB — just moments away from the comfort of your own shower and wardrobe.

Get Your Yoga On

There are near-endless options for yoga just minutes away from your apartment. It’s always worth exploring what works best for you, so why not hop on your bike and see what’s available in the surrounding area? (Your wheels, by the way, are kept safe and sound in EVGB’s bicycle room.) In the East Village neighborhood, you’ll find such gems as Reflections, Center for Conscious Living & Yoga, a community hub that champions conscious living by way of yoga. Classes cover every level from beginner to advanced — they even offer classes for kids.

A Trip to the Market

Healthy living, of course, isn’t about exercise alone. Stock your apartment fridge with a trip to Union Market. This neighborhood grocery specializes in wholesome, organic food. So, whether you’re seeking fresh avocados for your Sunday brunch, quinoa for a healthy dinner party, or asparagus to go with your salmon steaks, Union Market has you covered. As for those times when you’ve worked out a little too hard, go easy on yourself by ordering some of the store’s delicious prepared foods: Think miso-crusted organic tofu or raw kale salad mixed with hijiki, radishes, and pumpkin seeds.

Evening Exercise

After eating like a supremely fit king or queen, you’ll probably want to relax a bit. But rather than crashing on the sofa and binging on Netflix, get into some of EVGB’s more laid-back forms of exercise — perfect for winding down before bed. Invite a couple of friends up to the bowling green and bocce court for an evening of chilled-out competition. Or, if you’d simply like a little peace and quiet, you can take a contemplative stroll in the serenity gardens or let your troubles melt away in the steam room.

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