Nordic Coffee Roaster La Cabra Opens in East Village

In many pockets of the globe, coffee is the most important—and the most comforting and most invigorating—part of waking up. Thanks to its warm aroma and, of course, its promised jolt of caffeine, coffee is both a ritual and a necessity for powering through the morning and staying focused and alert throughout the day. Almost every continent has its own tradition and signature beans, and every coffee connoisseur may be partial to their preferred roasting methods, preparation, and milk, cream, sugar, and latte art finish.

Residents of the East Village apartments at EVGB are within a few blocks of some of the city’s best cafes—from Ninth Street Espresso to Coffee Project New York and Kona Coffee and Company. An exciting new addition to these offerings has landed at 152 Second Avenue, near East 10th street—La Cabra. This acclaimed Danish coffee company sources and roasts its own coffee and has gained a reputation over the past decade as a supplier for renowned Michelin-rated restaurants in and around Aarhus, Denmark, as well as for its own coffee bars, bakery, and roastery.

La Cabra’s East Village outpost, the first in the United States, will feature its celebrated light roasting technique and intensively sourced coffee. That means visitors can enjoy coffee brewed from beans roasted three weeks before being served—a little more than a week longer than the typical roasted bean served at cafes—which allows greater carbon dioxide release and “brighter and clearer” coffees, according to La Cabra’s founder and CEO, Esben Piper. La Cabra will bring this innovative and unique edge to the city’s coffee scene for something far from your typical cup of joe.

La Cabra will be selling pour-over, batch brew, and retail boxes of coffee, as well as espresso drinks. To round out its coffee offerings, La Cabra has turned to Bien Cuit’s former pastry sous chef, Jared Sexton, who also did stints at Dominique Ansel Bakery and Pain D’Avignon, to helm the food offerings—including Danish-inspired baked buns, croissants, tarts, caneles, and breads. So, whether it’s a loaf of Danish Rye or a cup of coffee, unlike any you can find in the States today, EVGB residents can have yet another unique experience to relish right in their backyard.

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