Pedaling for Smoothies at EVGB

At the East Village’s Greatest Building, EVGB isn’t just an acronym — but a simple statement of fact. Take, for example, the Smoothie Cycle Hour hosted recently by the building’s staff for residents, which not only brought residents together (something all too rare in many New York City condo buildings) but also provided a fun and healthy (if slightly boozy) activity.

Residents of these East Village apartments flocked to the building’s spacious residents’ lounge for the event. The lounge, which is equipped with a full bar and kitchen, easily accommodated 50 or so residents as well as the central attraction: a pair of exercise bikes equipped with blenders powered by energetic pedaling. Everyone enjoyed getting a fruity reward after a short but spirited spin session, but the bikes were a particular hit with the younger residents.

There were three flavors of smoothies on offer: Kumquat Rosemary Frosé, Lemon Verbena, and delicious Watermelon Mojito. As the names suggest, adult residents had the option of spiking their smoothies with vodka or rum — an option some smoothie shops might consider adopting. Whether it was the tasty concoctions, the hint of booze, or the fun of blending their own smoothie via cycling, the Smoothie Cycle Hour was a resounding success, going through 80 beverages and bringing 50 of EVGB’s residents together for a relaxing communal experience.

The event was part of the larger philosophy espoused by EVGB and developer Extell, which aims to give residents an unprecedented level of control over their new-construction homes, and to create a healthy environment where residents can live fulfilling and happy lives. Beyond enjoying the 19,000-square-foot landscaped roof deck, two-level fitness center complete with pool, and the aforementioned lounge, EVGB residents can expect to engage with their fellow residents through events like the Smoothie Cycle Hour, which make exploring new activities and spending time with friends, new and old, a part of everyday life.

So, head over to the EVGB site to begin your journey toward living in the East Village’s Greatest Building.

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