Rainy Day East Village Immersion: Movies, Books, and Music

The East Village is steeped in culture and legend, ranging from its days as a refuge for immigrants, its time as the center of the punk rock scene, and its current status as one of New York City’s most fashionable and enviable places to live. When you make your home in this iconic neighborhood, you have access to all of its history by just walking out the door of your East Village apartment at EVGB. Visit galleries where groundbreaking artists gathered — and still gather — today. Check out the restaurants that were frequented by the famous and infamous over the past century. Or, go on a venue-hopping tour, and see the former sites of vaunted musical hotspots, like CBGB (now a clothing store).

But what happens when the weather outside doesn’t agree with your East Village exploring? When the rain rolls in, cozy up in your loft or two- or three-bedroom apartment at EVGB, and immerse yourself in the East Village at home!

First, open your favorite delivery app and order some food from one of the EV’s historic restaurants. Try some authentic Eastern European fare from Veselka. As you nosh on pierogies slathered with buttery onions, you’ll be reminded of the area’s history as a bastion for immigrants. Don’t forget to order some dessert from Veniero’s, an Italian pastry shop that has been serving sweet treats to the locals since 1894.

Once your food has arrived, get ready to explore the East Village via your favorite streaming service. Unwind as you watch movies that were filmed right here in the East Village. Late-1990s cult classic “200 Cigarettes” takes you on a New Year’s Eve journey through the neighborhood. And there is, of course, the beloved film “When Harry Met Sally…” with that unforgettable scene that takes place in landmark Katz’s Deli. You can even have a pastrami on rye delivered and indulge as you watch!

A rainy day in NYC is also the perfect time to crack open a good book that tells one of the many stories of the neighborhood. Learn about the 1970s art and music scene in a poetic, dreamy memoir by the legendary punk rocker and writer Patti Smith. Or, for a look at the East Village’s gritty past and an examination of its evolution, check out “Lush Life” by Richard Price.

And while you’re reading, pick some appropriate tunes to serve as your East Village-centric soundtrack. Feel NYC’s Downtown pulse with Patti Smith’s seminal “Horses” (perfect to pair with her book). Rock out with the Ramones high-energy eponymous debut. Or, bask in the heady ’60s atmosphere of “The Velvet Underground & Nico.” This album will complement the moody weather perfectly as you watch the raindrops fall through EVGB’s oversized windows.

Immerse yourself completely in all the East Village has to offer — rain or shine — in one of the neighborhood’s best locations: the luxury apartments at EVGB. Contact us to set up a tour.

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