Support The Strand Book Store

With millions spending much of their time at home right now, reading is back in vogue. Though that’s great news for online sellers, it also means that independent bookstores are having to reinvent themselves — and fast. The Strand is EVGB’s local haven for bibliophiles. This landmark shop started small in the East Village more than 90 years ago, and today, has 2.5 million volumes sitting on its shelves. Here’s how the Strand is pivoting to keep up with these unprecedented times, and how you can help them thrive.

Sign Up to a Surprise Book Service

Need to cajole yourself into reading more? The Strand’s “Book of the Month” initiative could be for you. Choose a genre from Fiction, Mystery, or Young Adult (YA), and each month, the store will send a signed, first-edition hardcover to your apartment — plus, a surprise gift. Otherwise, sign up for the “Book HookUp,” where you’ll be mailed a signed, first edition of a highly anticipated title — and a bonus paperback — each quarter. The store is now accepting new subscribers for March 2021.

Enjoy Live Events From Your Own Apartment

Bring the bookstore into your rental, courtesy of the Strand’s ongoing program of virtual events. Log in to the Strand’s channel on the Crowdcast live video platform for author talks and readings. Coming up in December, Orion Carloto will appear to launch her mixed-media offering, “Film for Her”; Ernest Cline will discuss his long-awaited sequel, “Ready Player Two” (the first book inspired a Steven Spielberg movie); and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin spills the beans on her career with a discussion on “Blowing My Way to the Top.”

Give Your Apartment the Zoom Background It Deserves

The Strand is famous for its “18 miles of books,” and while your EVGB rental might not have quite that much room, you can still style your place into a veritable library, thanks to the Strand’s “Books by the Foot” offering. Either choose a ready-made collection of books from the website (anything from antique leather-bound classics to oversized art volumes), or call in the experts. The latter involves a visit from your own personal curator, who’ll kit out your apartment with books of any style, on any subject — even any Pantone color. Not only will you be sorted for reading material for the next few years, but your Zoom background will be the envy of friends, family, and work colleagues.

Give the Gift of Reading

A good book is always a winning present. Start preparing for the gifting season by selecting the Strand’s specially assembled boxes, featuring great titles and various other goodies. Themes include Art and Photography, Feminism, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy — you’re sure to find something for everyone. Meanwhile, if you spend $250 on a gift voucher, you’ll earn a private guided tour of the Rare Book Room, courtesy of Vasilis Terpsopoulos — who’s been selling books here for over 30 years. It’ll make for a magical add-on gift. But feel no shame in taking the tour yourself.

Our leasing team is fully equipped and available to accommodate in-person and virtual tours.

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