Try On a Fall Mood at a Vintage Shop

Autumn Elegance: Discovering the East Village’s Vintage Treasures

As the air grows ever more crisp and New York City’s foliage begins its kaleidoscopic transformation, it’s an opportune moment to revamp your wardrobe with timeless pieces. The East Village boasts numerous vintage boutiques, each with curated collections of fashions from eras gone by. And residents of the East Village apartments for rent at EVGB are in the perfect place to explore it all.

East Village Vintage Collective (EVVC) | 545 East 12th Street

Launched in 2015, EVVC stands as a two-story testament to style without boundaries. This establishment proudly eschews traditional gender divides, offering a plethora of vintage clothing and quirky accessories. As autumn beckons, immerse yourself in EVVC’s diverse range — either in-store or through their digital space — to elevate your fall ensemble.

Jane’s Exchange | 191 East Third Street

A haven for moms and their new(ish) additions, Jane’s Exchange has specialized in maternity and children’s attire since 1993. Their spacious shop features a dedicated play area, ensuring a leisurely browsing experience. With a close-knit team ready to guide you, discover vintage gems that speak to both comfort and style.

AuH2O | 84 East Seventh Street

A blend of the classic and the avant-garde, AuH2O showcases an array of vintage attire and accoutrements. Open from noon till dusk, their brick-and-mortar “thriftique,” as they call it, beckons with fashions that conjure up stories of the past. For those farther from the East Village action, the shop’s Etsy, Depop, and Instagram pages provide a digital window into their curated collection.

Tokio7 | 83 East Seventh Street

For the discerning fashion aficionado, Tokio7 is an oasis of designer vintage. Introduced in 1996, their carefully selected pieces showcase designers from Japan. Delve into a world of high fashion from decades past through their digital showcase or by stepping into their East Village abode.

No Relation Vintage | 204 First Avenue

This boutique merges vintage fashion with timeless home decor. No Relation Vintage’s inventory promises not just a wardrobe update, but also a chance to bring a touch of the past into one’s living spaces. Their online portal gives a glimpse into their vast range. This is L Train Vintage’s only store in Manhattan; they have seven other vintage shops spanning all of Brooklyn.

Autumn in the East Village is not just a season but an experience. Whether you’re seeking an iconic outfit, a statement accessory, or simply want to indulge in a bit of stylish nostalgia, these boutiques offer a journey through time. As the leaves turn, spend a few afternoons leisurely exploring the East Village, and you might just discover more than the season’s hues — your next wardrobe find is waiting for you.

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