Vegan Paradise on East 7th Street

Restaurateur Ravi DeRossi has already achieved acclaim with Overthrow Hospitality’s array of offerings in the East Village. From cocktail bar Amor y Amargo, known for its first-of-its-kind bitter-focused offerings, the natural wine bar Soda Club, and craft beer bar Proletariat, DeRossi has served up some of the finest brews and spirits in the neighborhood. But fortunately for residents of the East Village apartments at EVGB, DeRossi has also been adding space and expanding the footprint of Cadence and Ladybird, his celebrated vegan-focused restaurants, both of which are less than a 10-minute walk from home.

The potential health benefits of a vegan diet have been long studied by nutritionists and physicians, and as a matter of folk wisdom—from lowering blood sugar and the risk of heart disease to helping maintain a healthy weight. Scientists have also noted the advantages of adopting a vegan diet for promoting planetary health and combating climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and air pollution, among a long list of global rewards. But the beloved East 7th Street restaurants Cadence and Ladybird have managed to pair the virtues of veganism with distinctive and irresistible menus that have earned plaudits from critics, foodies, and locals alike.

The New York Times “critic’s pick” Cadence offers vegan southern soul food from executive chef Shenarri Freeman, who translates the Virginia flavors of her childhood for contemporary New York tastebuds. The menu’s standouts include maple buttermilk cornbread, smoked grits with torched oyster mushrooms (and rosemary butter with a dairy stand-in, of course), and southern fried lasagna with red wine Bolognese and pine nut ricotta. The satisfying mains should be topped off with the requisite dessert of Cadence Cobbler and paired with a journey into the wine list, which highlights selections from Black-owned South African wineries.

Across the street from Cadence is Ladybird, a “vegetable bar” with plush green seating and brass and gold decor, enveloped by greenery—an ultrachic setting worthy of a visit in its own right. But this vegan tapas and wine bar keeps its patrons coming back for its takes on everything from the bao bun with maitake, grilled cheese, potato au gratin, and its dramatic chocolate and chardonnay & artichoke fondues (and a late-night menu on Thursdays to Saturdays to satisfy an end-of-the-evening craving).

Of course, residents of EVGB’s East Village rentals can also whip up their own vegan concoctions in their chef’s kitchens, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. But with the array of delectable—and sustainable—vegan restaurants so close by, a day off from the heat of the kitchen and into the neighborhood is well-worth the trip out. Contact the team today to learn more about the finest living options at EVGB.

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