Via Della Scrofa Opens in the East Village

Fancy a trip to Italy? Who wouldn’t. But now, you can have the next best thing, thanks to a new specialty deli/cafe opening around the corner from the East Village rentals at EVGB. Get your fix of espresso, Italian store cupboard staples, and sweet treats — anytime you like. Fantastico!

Did You Love Via Della Pace?

We did, too. And we were devastated when this wonderful Italian restaurant burned down in 2020. But there’s good news: First of all, a new Via Della Pace will soon be delighting customers with its divine bruschette, insalate, and antipasti. And second, the creators of Via Della Pace have opened up Italian deli/cafe Via Della Scrofa at 60 East Fourth Street. That’s less than 20 minutes from EVGB’s East Village apartments. Guess who’s going to be scoffing way more panettone from now on?

A Taste of Italy

Via Della Scrofa is no mere gimmick. Co-owner Giovanni Bartocci named this bodega for a beautiful cobbled street in Rome, and it wouldn’t look out of place there, either. Gold hand-painted signage on the windows announces “biscotti,” “espresso,” and “porchetta” (juicy pork that’s put into a classic Roman sandwich—a must for any carnivore). The authentic atmosphere is accompanied by aromas of fresh coffee, Italian radio lilting away in the background, plus a signed picture of Sophia Loren. All this adds to the illusion that you’re in Roma, rather than the East Village.

Stock Up on Italian Essentials

But the sandwiches and coffee are just one aspect of this unique shop. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Giada De Laurentiis, then Via Della Scrofa provides all the high-quality Italian essentials you need. Stock up your EVGB kitchen with Cordero rice (it makes the perfect risotto); unctuous Tamia olive oil (great for dressings or just dipping bread into); and Mulino Bianco Baiocchi (cookies that take coffee breaks to the next level). You can even get your hands on fresh truffles. Perhaps the biggest coup of all, though, are the bags of Galatine — a milk candy that’s adored in its native Italy but nonexistent in NYC. At least, it was until now. Prepare to become addicted …

Live la dolce vita at Via Della Scrofa — just around the corner from the East Village rentals at EVGB. Find your new apartment today!

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