Weekends at EVGB

Weekends, as glorious as they are, are fleeting. You head home on Friday, energetic and full of enthusiasm, and before you know it … it’s Sunday evening. The work week is looming just over the horizon. The key is to grab the weekend by the horns and bend it to your will, to squeeze every last moment of enjoyment out of it, and, to put it plainly, live it up. Fortunately for residents of the East Village apartments at EVGB, living it up doesn’t even require leaving the building. It is only necessary to go up — as in upstairs to the roof.

There are roof decks, and then there’s the roof deck at EVGB. The serene, meticulously designed and landscaped space is an enormous 19,000 square feet, and features wildly impressive 360 degree views of the surrounding cityscape. Not even the best rooftop bars and restaurants in the city come close to rivaling this space. And, if you want to do some entertaining, there’s an area to host cookouts — offering two large grills and cozy spots for al fresco dining — that’s just waiting for you and your friends to show up.

Let’s walk through a potential Saturday evening on EVGB’s rooftop. You could start off the night with wine and hors d’oeuvres while leisurely taking in a spectacular sunset. Then, walk over to the bocce court or the putting green (yes, there’s a putting green on the roof), and engage in a little friendly competition with your guests to work up an appetite. Before dinner, perhaps a cocktail is in order. Well, fortunately, there’s a full wet bar up there, so mixing your favorite negroni, margarita, Manhattan, or anything else your heart desires is an easy task.

Next up is dinner, which means it’s time to spark up the grill. (If grilling isn’t your thing, there are literally hundreds of stellar takeout options in the neighborhood, with cuisines that span the globe, that deliver.) After the meal is finished, a stroll through the serenity garden to take in the vibrant greenery is in order. And then, it’s time for drinks and lively conversation around the fire pits — there are three of them. Imagine lounging with your friends around a fire and enjoying a tasty beverage while New York City glimmers all around you. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Manhattanites often wait for hours to dine in rooftop spaces that don’t hold a candle to the one at EVGB — and at EVGB, your residence is just downstairs.

A fully relaxing and satisfying weekend simply doesn’t get more convenient than this. And the roof deck is just the beginning. The amenities at EVGB practically do the planning for you. Perhaps on Friday you head home from the office, get in a quick workout in the building’s fitness center, do a few laps in the saltwater pool, have a quick steam in the steam room, and then hit the town. Saturday night is a party on your rooftop. And on Sunday, you brunch — or just lounge and enjoy your sun-filled apartment. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how to get the most out of your weekend.

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