Welcoming the Summer in Washington Square Park

Summer in Downtown New York City is synonymous with Washington Square Park. Loaded with atmosphere and history, the park is a beautiful and natural respite from the city. Think of it as Downtown’s ultimate backyard, where the legends who have helped immortalize it have left their mark. It’s where the kids hung out in the movie “Kids.” It’s where Stanley Kubrick used to play chess, where Buddy Holly used to help local players with their guitar chords, and where Henry James set his novel “Washington Square,” about a young 19th century heiress. If it feels like every tree or spot beneath the famous arch has a story, that’s because it probably does.

Unsurprisingly, events at Washington Square Park have been largely virtual, but as the city reopens, live events will begin making their way back to this Downtown landmark. In fact, you can celebrate the return of the Washington Square Music Festival with concerts on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. throughout June. The festival will include a variety of music, from classical and contemporary, to jazz and world music.

Of course, the chance to encounter unexpected live performances is a constant in a park where the flow of human traffic is itself a classic New York form of entertainment. One of the best ways to enjoy the park is to spend time just lounging and people watching. And with some of the best food in New York just steps away, you can show up with a picnic lunch for an experience that combines the best of city life and the bliss of grass and trees. Grab fresh bread and some Camembert from Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street, or pick up ice cream cones from Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on Houston Street. Or, get an assortment of dosas and samosas from the NY Dosas cart, which can be found most days on the south side of the park.

The Washington Square Park Conservancy’s No. 1 picnic spot is under the Kwanzan cherry trees on the southwest lawn. They also suggest unfurling your picnic blanket on the Play Hills if you’re bringing kids — the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself while the kids play.

Whether it’s under the arch, by the playground, at a chess table, around the fountain, or on a classic NYC park bench, your favorite spot to enjoy Washington Square Park is just a short stroll away when you live at EVGB. Get your summer in the city off to a great start: Stop by the EVGB website to check on availability of these luxury Downtown rentals.

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