Work It Out

Getting in shape for the summer is essential, but keeping it up through the fall and winter is the real trick! Fortunately, the amenities that go along with life at EVGB’s East Village luxury rentals make exercise both incredibly fun, infinitely convenient, and as close to easy as it can be.

Central to your fitness regime is a quality gym. EVGB takes the concept to another level—by actually adding another level! The building’s two-level, state-of-the-art fitness center is equipped with all of the latest weight machines and Nautilus-style equipment you could possibly hope for. Runners can rejoice knowing that foul weather won’t slow them down. Multiple treadmills with a host of pace and path options await your high-impact whims. If spinning is your thing, stretch those legs and get your heart rate up on the latest in stationary fitness cycles. Regardless of how you decide to break a sweat, you can head to the gym without fret or fear that your favorite station will already be occupied. Unlike that neighborhood gym you used to frequent, EVGB’s two levels mean that a “wait to workout” won’t be a thing for you.

A schvitz? The banya? Whatever you call it, EVGB’s steam room is sure to open up every pore and offer that cleanse that feels so good, pre- or post-workout. Humankind has extolled the virtues of this type of therapy for thousands of years. Recent studies have shown that older people experience improved circulation in the presence of moist heat, most notably in their hands and feet. Others suggest a good steam brings about robust cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, and even promotes skin healing. It’s also reported to loosen stiff muscles, decrease congestion, and even burn calories—the heat increases your heart rate and the natural result is weight loss! It’s an excellent way to soothe hard-worked muscle groups and unwind after those intense exercise sessions. Never taken a steam? Bring a towel to wrap yourself in, breath deeply and evenly, and just relax. That’s all there is to it.

Then, there’s EVGB’s indoor saltwater lap pool. Enjoy low-impact swim days that will return big dividends in muscle tone and heart fitness. Saltwater pools contain far less salt than seawater and maintain much lower chlorine levels than a traditionally chlorinated pool. Consequently, they’re gentler on the eyes and skin and don’t pose the health risks that some speculate come from long-term exposure to normally used pool chemicals. A saltwater pool also provides water that feels softer, providing a more luxurious swim experience. And since it’s indoors, you don’t need to wait for the summer to head for the water.

A healthy body means little without a healthy mind. EVGB kept this fact in mind when designing its 19,000-square-foot landscaped roof deck. Set against the stunning skyline of Lower Manhattan, its many spaces offer plenty of room for play, time with friends, or even just hanging out. Head up there for an invigorating workout in the fresh air. Practice yoga on the lawn, or use the bocce court and putting green to focus your mind. But, whatever you do, don’t forget to make a little extra time to simply relax under the sun or have a healthy cookout at one of the alfresco dining areas and grilling stations. When the sun goes down, take a seat by the fire pit to contemplate the day and balance your thoughts.

And get ready to do it again tomorrow. It’s all right at your feet when you have access to one of the best amenities and fitness packages you’ll find in any of the East Village apartments out there.

Oh, yes … don’t forget to treat yourself at the wet bar. You’ve earned it.

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