Your Exclusive Backyard

Summer in New York City is one of the most exciting times of the year, when much of the East Village action spills out into the street. All you need to make the most of outdoor cafes and beer gardens is a private sanctuary / nature retreat, so you have a place to recharge without missing the summer energy that brings out the best of the neighborhood. There’s no need to leave town when the outdoor luxury experience is built into your life at EVGB’s East Village luxury apartments. In fact, the roof deck at EVGB is so lavishly endowed and brilliantly designed that it will become a destination staycation for you and your friends—every day of the week.

At 19,000 square feet, the roof deck is not just one but many spaces that contain everything you could imagine wanting from an urban outdoor experience. You can spend the whole day here cooking, eating, drinking, socializing, exercising, doing yoga, reading, meditating in the serenity garden, throwing a party, or even playing bocce or golf on the putting green.

The deck is a masterpiece of urban landscaping, where you can commune with the trees and have the city at your feet, and the beauty is all in the details. Lounge spaces feature couches as comfortable as those in any living room, while overhead, the streamlined pergolas provide shade, so you can get just the amount of sun you need and give a sunset party a more intimate vibe.

The open-air grill kitchen is expansive and invites experiments and sharing with a group of friends, big or small, depending on your mood and the occasion. On summer nights, you can gather around the fire pits for that woodsy campfire feeling without the travel and the tents.

And you can redefine your yoga routine with a full-on outdoor practice—and cool off in the outdoor showers before heading back to the mat to what might become the most relaxing, hours-long Savasana you can get in all of Manhattan, all without leaving your building. All this can be both a summer retreat and a place to relax and then go back out for more East Village excitement. The beauty is that at EVGB’s East Village rentals, you never have to choose between nature and urban living in the most exciting neighborhood, at the most exciting season, in the city. The fun part is getting as much as you want of each and getting all of it in the sunshine.

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